AXSES All Cast Marketing has a special interest and tourism and has created many leading marketing and technology solutions for hospitality, tourism and destinations. These includes our own visual travel planning system like and many other first. Tourism is a special case and requires special strategies to compete with the established players, like the authoritative Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and the review sites like TripAdvisor. We have had great success in developing campaigns for small hotels with SEO strategies that have got them on top of Search results. It is, however, very difficult to list small hotels on page 1, simple because they need to be better at SEO than Expedia and Bookings etc. That is a very hard task. Our success comes from applying techniques of Power marketing together with our own know how and tools.

Power Marketing Consultants has created a proprietary marketing system called the Power Marketing Program that is so effective, that most PMC will only work with ONE client in any industry and market. In tourism AXSES All Cast Power marketing Consultants work with a limited number of hotels and destinations in any market and will often build niche marketing portals and networks that can and do out-preform the big guns. PMC consultants and their clients that use the AXSES all Cast PM Tourism modules, tools and strategies can expect the same success. Read more about the PMC program by clicking here: Power Marketing Program.

Ultimately, will come to the conclusion. “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anybody else but you, regardless of price.” This is the conclusion that Rich Harshaw repeats in his groundbreaking book, Monopolize Your Marketplace. Our owner, Diego Rodriguez, was trained by Rich.

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